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Finger Position Overlays for Students Learning to Type

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We manufacture Finger Position Overlays (shown below) and Finger Position wall charts that help the beginning typing student to learn where to place their fingers on the keyboard for touch typing techniques. This overlays are manufactured of high quality Lexan with an adhesive that will not dry out or ooze. All printing is on the underside of the overlay, so the colors and printing will not rub or scratch off. 

The Finger Placement Overlays can be used in combination with the Black Opaque Typing Masks to provide a complete system for teaching typing. The student begins with the Finger Placement Overlays on the keyboard to teach them where to place their fingers when typing. As the student progresses, the Black Opaque Typing Mask (which slips easily on place over the keyboard), tests the students touch-typing ability.

We also manufacture corresponding Finger Placement Wall Charts that work in conjunction with the Finger Placement Overlays.

See enlarged view.

Other useful products for schools:

Black opaque typing masks Black Opaque Typing Masks are perfect for students learning to type. They slip on and off the keyboard easily to mask the keys so the student learns to type without looking at the keys.
Protective Keyboard Covers Protective typing covers keep out spills, moisture, dirt, and other contaminants that destroy keyboards and cause downtime.
Keyboards and Keypads Cherry Keyboards and keypads are high quality, durable keyboards that reduce downtime and hardware costs.

We can customize keyboards with replacement keys, keycaps, overlays, and templates. We can supply protective keyboard covers for most keyboards. There are a wide variety of keyboard features available with many options to customize. We can help you pick just the right keyboard for your job based upon your specifications. Contact our Sales Department or call us at 800-459-7931 or 480-813-3100 (Fax: 480-813-3280). 

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