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Custom Keyboards

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Colored keys

For those who want a complete solution, we can custom print the keys for your keyboard, remove the old keys and replace them with new, customized keys. These are great for point of sale terminals, telemarketing centers, areas where specific commands are used over and over.

Custom Keys

We can customize a keyboard with custom keys including standard or color-coded keys printed with legends or instructions specific to any software. Color-coded custom keys make data entry easier and faster with fewer entry errors. Whether you need a custom keyboard for a workstation or for a cash register, we can provide you with the customized solution that will make your job easier.

We specialize in the manufacture of custom keyboards that are complete with new keys, printed legends, or color coding. You simply plug the keyboard into your computer and you are ready to work. If you prefer, we can produce customized keys for a wide range of different keyboard brands and supply them as key sets. You simply remove the old keys from your keyboard and add the custom keys.

We also can provide customized programmable keyboards, keypads, and point of sale keyboards to use in retail businesses, kiosks, data entry environments, hospitals, and schools. 

Clear protective keyboard covers help protect your investment and reduce downtime for computer systems by protecting the keyboard from spills, moisture, dirt, sand, and other contaminants. We can provide custom keyboard covers for any keyboard that we sell.

Custom Overlays

Overlays or keytop stickers are an ideal solution for placing instructions directly on the key. Overlays can be color-coded for easy recognition and reference. They can be printed on clear plastic so that the original key legend shows through or they may be printed in almost any color imaginable with a legend or instructions that matches your software needs. Our custom overlays are manufactured of high-quality Lexan making them practically indestructible. The adhesive will not ooze or harden and holds the overlays in place for years without damaging the original key or the legend. Overlays can be easily removed without damaging the key.

Custom Templates

Complex software requires a simple solution to make using sophisticated commands easy. We can manufacture custom templates for any application or for your special purpose. Templates can be stackable or die-cut to fit around the keys on your keyboard. All of our templates are manufactured of high-quality Lexan making them practically indestructible. Commands can be printed in multiple colors for high visibility and ease of use.

Cherry Logo

Authorized Distributor for
Cherry Keyboard Products

We are an authorized distributor for Cherry keyboards. We can customize any Cherry keyboard with custom keys, overlays, or templates to meet your specific needs.

As an authorized Cherry distributor, we can supply any keyboard that Cherry manufactures. In addition, we can customize Cherry keyboards with replacement keys, keycaps, overlays, and templates. Most keyboards are available in different languages. We can supply protective keyboard covers for any keyboard manufactured by Cherry that accepts a cover. There are a wide variety of keyboard features available with many options to customize. We can help you pick just the right keyboard for your job based upon your specifications. Contact our Sales Department or call us at 800-459-7931 or 480-813-3100 (Fax: 480-813-3280).


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